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Executive producing services for media and entertainment clients

Welcome to Fundsurfer Films!

We provide executive producing services for media and entertainment clients. We will help you secure the financing you need.

Fundsurfer Films works with Independent film/television production companies, independent producers, film financiers and media, entertainment and technology companies.

Through working with Fundsurfer Films you can access our network of film investors, media and film funds, family offices and sales companies to get your project made as quickly as possible.

Before approaching us please review our guidelines around film and TV financing which can vary on a case by case basis depending on the project.

Why choose Fundsurfer?

The Fundsurfer Film team have experience in packaging finance for film and tv projects, we understand the international co-production opportunities available and we have access to a unique blend of funding partners including film financiers, investors and film funds across the world.

  • We have access to a network of producing partners that can work alongside us to help secure finance and sales for your TV or Film project.
  • Our investor focused financing strategy minimizes risk through creative financing with our partners e.g tax incentives, packaging, foreign pre-sales, etc.)
  • Fundsurfer Films has access to production companies, funding partners, sales companies and talent to help your project get financed.
  • Our team have extensive experience of the film festival circuit at Cannes, TIFF, Sundance, Berlin, AFM, SXSW etc.)

We love great stories. We know how challenging fundraising for a creative project can be.

We will be part of the journey with you, providing the support and access to financing you need.

Next steps

For us to review your project we need the following material:

  • Resume/CV/Bio of the producer and director
  • Latest version of Script/screenplay
  • Breakdown of budget/ top sheet
  • Payment schedule for project from TV network, Film Studio or sales company (our media financing partners will use this information to calculate interest)
  • LOI’s (letters of intent) for the writer, director, and essential cast members
  • Distribution contracts for minimum guarantee offers from a reputable sales company
  • List of potential sales companies interested in the projects (please provide sales estimates/ projections if already received)
  • Copies of any confirmed investment or debt finance offer from existing investors, family offices or film/media funds
  • Details of security if any available, to secure the loan
  • Confirmation and LOI to provide film bond from a reputable firm

We appreciate you may not have all of this information available so to begin the process with FS Films to review your project and outline how we can help, please provide us with the following information:

  • Project Summary
  • Cast/director Information
  • Full Budget
  • Pre-sales/distribution Estimates
  • Sales Agent Information

Get started

Please send project information to We are happy to sign NDA’s prior to receiving commercial materials. Watermark any scripts or teaser trailers with ‘Fundsurfer Films’.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about how Fundsurfer Films can help you, send us a message.